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The visual appearance and the communication of the gastronomy industry is special and needs to be developed with the experience of the branch itself. That's why we recommend to start your Marketing & Communication with a  workshop that focuses on a close collaboration with you as the owner or general manager of your gastronomy operation. 


Marketing & Communication

Services at a glance


  • Setup of Customer Relation Management environments

  • Lead Generation & Loyalty program development

  • Market entry strategies, franchise partner acquisition

  • Social Media campaign development and execution

  • 3D target group analysis for an unlimited number of segments and size of target groups

  • Communication analysis and match-making strategies to increase revenue

  • Google Analytics and ad-word campaigning

  • Corporate Identity and Corporate Design Development

  • All materials for everyday business, e. g. menus, napkins, tablecloth, indoor and outdoor billboards, branding signs,... 

  • Production of all printed materials and digital media 

  • Websites, microsites, banners, SEO, apps



  • Corporate Identity for a new gastronomy, USP definition, positioning, vision, mission, manifesto, market research in Prague and Czech Republic 

  • Team constellation analysis as an interactive process with an online analysis of subconscious pre-conditions regarding perception and processing of team situations

  • Rebranding for existing operations, As-is-Analysis, change management, concept and action plan development

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